Where is the best place to go during a zombie apocalypse? – The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Chaos


15 Questions to determine if You would Survive the The zombie APOCALYPSE. You’re psycho and the second one was 10 questions to determine your weapon. The zombies are coming well maybe a common question for many people. Especially With gamers and fans of zombies is what would you do in a zombie? Apocalypse, but more specifically could you survive these zombie apocalypse well today? We’re going to find out what you’re actually made up What is up late night Squad.

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As long as you keep supporting these custom quizzes like you’ve done with the first two. The first one was 15 Questions to determine. if you’re psycho and the second one was 10 questions to determine your weapon of choice. And you guys girls have blown it out of the water with support. So as long as you support. I will continue making these at least One a week. Let me know what you want to see in the future as well. And today We’re going to do a quick quiz to determine. if you could actually survive the zombie apocalypse.

A lot of people like to talk. Let’s see if you can walk the zombie walk and here’s. How it works We’re going to present to you 10 questions to which you just have to answer. With one of the letters. So get a pen and paper put it on a notepad on your computer. Remember your hand if you’re that smart go for it remember to keep track of how many times you answer each letter. As this Is what is going to reveal your ultimate? Survival so are you ready hold on one second?

Why you want to win it with your Twitter handle. I will announce the winner at the end of the month on Twitter. Now you are ready Let’s get into this the first question.

Number TEN

For you is Zombies are coming. This is legit. It is happening. It is real. Where do you go a? Costco B my mom’s house See the gun store or D somewhere I can safely panic Question

number nine

Now everybody knows that in a zombie apocalypse you have to have weapons not just for the zombies But for the other crazy people that are running around as well So the question is what is your weapon of choice is a day a gun B Friendship see some kind of Melee weapon or D to straight-up fisticuffs Another thing you are going to have to get comfortable with in a actual zombie apocalypse is not only death seeing death Watching death, but probably you’re going to have to kill as well. So are you up to that? task

number eight

How comfortable are you with killing a very comfortable beef. I really rather not kill anything see. I’ll do it. if I absolutely have to Or . I can’t do it. I can’t kill anything not even a butterfly. Something you will probably see if you are in the zombie apocalypse is people backstabbing other people. People forming alliances breaking those alliances. Doing whatever they need to for their own personal gain.

number seven

For you, you feel as if someone in your group is Plotting against you. You don’t have any proof but how do you handle it? Do you a? Confront them b. Say nothing C Kill them or D. Leave the group the number one rule of surviving the Zombie Apocalypses. Do not get bitten because we are assuming in this is all the universe that if you get bitten. You are going to turn so you have to avoid getting bite.

number six

Your buddy gets hurt But he’s not actually bitten. What do you do do you a take care of him B? give them a nice reassuring hugs C’s put them out of their misery you can determine the way to do this or D once again go run and hide and panic somewhere? Okay, forget the buddy gets gets hurt, but he doesn’t get bitten here.

We go your buddy gets bitten. What do you doing? We just Elaborate on this and we just confirm. That if somebody gets bitten they are going to turn into a zombie. So what do you do? Do you a make them leave the group shove them. and tell them to leave B Give them a hug C kill them or d you let them stay maybe they’ll fine. Maybe something will change from this one time as opposed to every zombie apocalypse scenario.


We’ve ever seen and they won’t turn into a zombie Another big thing about surviving in a zombie apocalypse is scavenging you have to find supplies You have to have food you have to have water you have to have supplies You have to have medical supplies guns ammo it Just it piles up all the responsibilities that you have okay?

Number four

You come across another group of survivors which is going to happen. What do you actually do? next do you a Approach with Caution B. Walk up and say hello C raise their camp for supplies or D Set up camp right next to their camp and become zombie apocalypse neighbors Question

number three

Another survivor takes one of your group members hostage and demands resources to get him back What are you going to do? Are you a it’s going to go on without them just consider it a loss Be give up your supplies to get them back like any good friend would do See kill the survivor to try and get your buddy back or d join the other group so you can hang out with your buddy? Okay, when you’re into this apocalypse Decision-Making is critical critical thinking is even more critical Question

number two

You need to get to the other side of a field, but it’s filled with zombies What are you going to do? Are you a try to find another way around B? Just Sprint through the field and hope you don’t get hurt C Cover yourself in Zombie blood and try to disguise yourself to walk through the zombies or D Go to the Winchester.


Sacrificing those around you for your survival now If your be a + d number is more than 10 you will not survive the zombie apocalypse You’re a little squeamish when it comes to violent in situations So it’s not likely that you’re going to make it very far once the zombies come.

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