How do you make life hacks at home? – 14 DIY SURVIVAL SIMPLE LIFE HACKS

Survival Life Hacks

Hey guys! It’s Wengie Welcome! Today we are going to talk about simple life hacks. You know guys, right here it’s 41 degrees. I’m sweatin’ But here’s the hug! Sweaty armpit hug! Have any of you guys been caught out in the cold? The dark without your phone without food, without water and you just need to survive have you guys been in that situation? I know I haven’t The closest I’ve got to a near death experience was literally like 2 weeks ago when I decided to light up 168 sparklers with a 1000 degree knife. These would not have helped at that time because I literally just needed common sense cricket noises hold up!

Mobile Phone Charging

My phone’s dead aswell now what do i do? I’m totally stranded did you know that you can charge your phone with a car charger and a 9-watt battery and some house keys? It’s actually quite simple just touch one side of the battery with the end of the car charger and the other side with the end of the key. Then press the key so that it touches the metallic part of the side of the charger. You can see that when I do this, the blue light on the charger turns on this made me so excited when I saw this clip for the first time. So secure the key onto the side and plug your charger cord into the charger and your phone connect your circuit and voila!

You have power! music so in case of emergencies. I will keep a 9-watt battery in the car with this I can charge my phone for long enough to make a phone call and get help. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, right? If you’re lost in the wild, dehyrdation is a huge problem. So finding a source of drinking water is often the first priority for a survival. If all you can find is a dirty creak, then you may not have any option. But there’s a way to filter the water first all you need are 2 containers. A piece of cloth you may wanna use the shirt on your back.

Pure Water

If you have nothing else and who knows? You may create this cool new fashion piece cricket sounds fill up one container with the dirty water. And place it one something elevated place the empty clean container. Next to it and connect the bottles with a piece of cloth. This might take a while to get going but once it starts, its actually pretty fast. The cloth will basically absorb and filter to clean water and transfer it into the clean container with the help of gravity and a unicorn! (SO CUTE) Inaudible

After a while, you will have a clean container of water! Don’t drink this immediately ’cause there might still be bacteria in it ’cause this filter only cleans out debris.

Plastic Water Container

The best thing is to boil it before drinking it. But at least it will be clean when you do! Rain is often the safest source of clean drinking water. But catching it can be pretty challenging and catching it with your mouth is not very efficient …But kinda fun you can turn a plastic bottle into a very efficient water collector just cut the end of the bottle… Then cut 3/4 on the sides of the bottle bend each of them at the base to fan them out. Now you have your own rain water catcher! Place another container underneath the opening and wait for your delicious drinking water to fill up this works. So well by taking a leaf haha, get it?

Out of nature’s book but copying the way a lot of plants collect rain water! the fanning of the petals can increase the surface area which rain is collected have you ever wanted to get some food only to realise you left your wallet or purse at home? this is the worst! especially when you’re hungry! but to ensure this never happens again just take out your phone case and fold up a 20 or 50 dollar note inside it don’t use it unless you absolutely have to! if you get lost or separated from your group during excursion or outing this extra bit of cash might save your life! woah! what the hell?!! crashing sounds crap! it’s an earthqu- coughing and choking uh..

Emergency Masks

I can’t breath… someone…please! dust and especially smoke can be extremely dangerous in fires and other disasters for us girls out there who are actually carrying emergency masks already that’s it! it’s your bra!! as weird as it sounds, it actually fits your face pretty well it even has straps so you can free up your hands for other things obviously it’s not a proper mask so make sure you get out of danger as quickly as possible! and it’s ok to look a little silly at times like this! heroic music yeah, so sometimes my imagination goes a little crazy but I gotta save my unicorn family you know? fam comes first! like you guys if you’re lost in the wild, hunger is definitely gonna be a problem!

Eventually but you won’t die of starvation for up to a whole month! the biggest problem you face is being cold especially at night wind blowing if you’re having trouble starting a fire due to rain and humidity, sometimes the best kindling is to use your own food doritos ad many other chips make for good kindling and as you can see they can burn extremely well even in the windiest of conditions there’s no point holding onto your food supplies when you’re not gonna be around long enough to eat them, right? actually that sounds kind of morbid…

Make a Fire

Let’s move on so what if you don’t have a lighter or a match to set on fire? or did you know that you could make a fire out of a water bottle or even a sandwich bag?! this actually blew my mind but as you can see, it IS possible! basically you wanna use the curved part of the waterbottle like a magnifying glass or you can fill a sandwich bag up with water and make a shape like this kinda like you’re decorating a cake then basically focus the brightest part of the beam onto any piece of scrap paper move the bottle back and forth until the beam is most concentrated and just leave it there.


You may need some patience for this part it really takes some hours as you can see after 5 minutes you can already see some smoke rising from the paper and if you take a look, you’ll notice that the black writing has slightly burnt and there are burn marks on the back to prove it! so just keep at it and you will eventually succeed! once you see more smoke, add extra pieces of paper to it and it should catch on fire all by itself on a windy day! if there’s no wind, you may need to blow on the smoke to start the fire pretty cool, right? a heimlich maneuver has been used countless times to save a choking person from certain death but unfortunately this still happens today rest in peace, me …the other me sad piano music.

Thankfully even if there isn’t anyone else around you can actually perform the maneuver on yourself find the mid-point between your rib cage and your naval and place a fist there and cup your fist with your other hand and forcely push inwards and outwards to try and dislodge your food if this doesn’t work, keep this position and find a table or chair, roughly waist height then hold hard down onto your hands and this should generate enough force to expell whatever you were choking on the key thing is not to panic so if you’re lost in the woods and all the trees look the same then…

Making a Compass

You’re probably in big trouble but if you know that a group or a civilisation is in a certain direction like north you can actually find it by making your own compass all you need is a needle, which you may have along for a sewing pack that you may have stolen from a hotel fill up any container with water and find a small leaf that you can put on the water if you have a magnet, even better! but if you don’t you can actually magnetize the needle by rubbing it onto your clothes.

Just rub it in one direction about 100 times and that will generate enough static to magnetize your needle! then, place it carefully on top of the leaf the needle will stay afloat and because we’ve magnetized it earlier the point will turn to face north as you can see this actually works even when you move the needle off north, it slowly finds its way back proving that this hack is amazing! dramatic music food is obviously something we need to have in order to survive.

Spear Shooter

Sometimes catching it is not quite as easy as it seems even the smallest of creatures can be far too agile for humans to catch especially me in order to make your own spear shooter, you need a plastic bottle, a balloon or any elastic material and a sharp stick you probably need to sharpen down a straight branch but I just use this skewer for demonstration cut the top of the bottle off and put a balloon around one end place your spear inside the balloon, pull back, aim and fire!

You’ll probably need to practice at this to get your aim right but if you’re lucky you might hit your target! in fact i hit mine after 2 goes! this is pretty cool next up is to practice on moving target meowing just kidding i would never hurt you inaudible be careful if you’re using this around other people though because this would seriously injure someone just a reminder guys: this is not a toy oh my God i love lazy nights, i can sit around, watch netflix inaudible buzzing as lights flicker wait..?! what was that?! oh well…

Crayon Candle

If your house has ever lost power and you don’t have any back up candles or flashlights did you know that a crayon could burn for up to 30 minutes? just use a lighter and melt the top part of the wax first then the paper should catch on fire this kinda works like a reverse candle with the wick on the outside and the crayons are just wax anyways so it’s not a surprise that this works so well if you want you can also drip the first few drops of wax onto a flat surface and use that to hold your crayon candle upright that way you can move it around.

Wherever you go like a lantern and it wont fall over this is a great emergency hack that might just help you get through another one of those pitch black evenings sometimes when the power goes out sometimes it’s hard to tell whether its just your house or everyone else’s house in the area.

Emergency flashlight

I usually just look outside to see if there’s any other lights on in the neighbourhood but an easier way is to just take out your phone and check for other wifi networks if you find that the usual networks around you are still on, then it’s probably just your house but if you see nothing, then it’s probably your whole area and all you can do is just chill until it gets fixed if you’re ever in a pinch and need an emergency flashlight.

The worst thing is realising you don’t ever enough batteries for it but as long as you have one working battery, you can hack your way out with some aluminium foil just tear off a strip of foil and measure up the length of your battery then fold the foil over on itself, until it matches the length of the battery then roll the foil tightly along its length until you make a tight cylinder shape it should be roughly the same height as your missing battery and it doesn’t matter if it isn’t as wide it will still work just fine next put your batteries in along with your foil to replace what you’re missing and close the lid you’ll find that you now have a working torch!

Tricky Situation

This hack works for everything, not just torches, so make sure you remember it ’cause you never know when it can get you out of a tricky situation! have you ever walked down an alleyway or a car park and felt unsafe? like someone was watching you or following you and then the hairs on your neck literally stand up if this happens take out your keys and push each key out through each gap between your fingers kinda like a inaudible knuckle.

If someone is actually there, you can turn on them with a surprise attack scream under the affects of adrenaline, you never know what you might be capable of however, only do this if you’re actually getting assaulted if you’re getting robbed, the best thing to do is just drop your purse then run away the robber will be too busy picking up your money than chasing after you.

Let is rain dollar, dollar bills I hope you guys learnt something new today! and if you guys did, don’t forget to try it out and hashtag me on #wengiecorns ’cause I love hanging out with you guys doing the week!liking your photos, seeing what you’re up to and chilling with you guys! until next week, im gonna miss you guys so much! until then, i’ll see you guys on my social media and vlog and things like that and ya! BYEEE!! love you!!

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