Hw to get perfect face shape for female – 11 Rush Hour Beauty Hacks for Girls

Beauty Hacks

Take gorgeous pandas stay beautiful can be challenging. Especially, when you’re on a rush. That’s why, we’re here to make your day easier with these quick makeup and clothing. Hacks you just arrived at a coffee shop and feel like ordering something light.

Oily Skin

Unfortunately, your glasses won’t stay on your face due to oily skin. Luckily barista have plenty of coffee filters. That are not only used for Americanos. That can wipe that shiny face away after a couple of soft touches. Here and there. Your skin will be dry and back to its natural state. Hormones can get the best of us. But nothing’s gonna stop me from getting that morning coffee and enjoying my book.


Anna was having so much fun rocking out in the car. When she realized. She had a date in 15 minutes, and had totally forgot to put on some makeup. Oh gosh. Let’s check the back there might be something. We can use the book here .I’ll never end up reading. Don’t ask about the wig. Whether the bag is so heavy. It’s like an empty void in here.

I only managed to find a single lipstick. She forgot the rest of her makeup at home. But wait no problem as long as your lipstick is darker than your skin tone. You can also use it for contouring focus on key contour points of your face. Like the jaw forehead and nose lines gently rub. It off the lines and blend it with the skin. Additional taps will give you a more defined look.

Slimmer Nose

Small tip shorter gaps between the lines will make your nose look slimmer. We can see the difference already next step eyes shadow. You’ll want a single stroke for the lower lash line. But can be more generous for the upper one just make sure to blend it outwards. A bit further to soften the edges.

Final step lips it’s about time. We use that lipstick for what it was originally intended for right. Oh wow hard to believe. Anna managed to do most of her makeup with a single lipstick. Who doesn’t love these midday naps. Unfortunately, all good things must come to end. We wouldn’t want to be late for that event.


We’re supposed to go yes last-minute makeup fixes. Like eyelashes or lips are doable for a busy girl like you. But wait are you serious is that greasy hair no time to take a shower. Now we’re gonna use grandma’s old baby powder hat. Add some sparkle on the very top rub. It in done this will work for now time to run. Hey having some your besties for a while just a friendly kiss on the cheek.

What’s a stain this is totally not a good impression. Especially, when he rubs it in with his hand such a mess. Sorry these things happen this is awkward. How can we prevent this from happening again. What do we have here transparent face powder. This should do the trick dry lips no sticks. Oh he’s back after a few conversations later. When it’s time to split nope no kisses.


Hey no more stains silly all right. We’re good to go what yeah.. It’s still awkward the second time you’re at your boyfriend’s place. And you still aren’t comfortable showing off your morning face. Don’t get me wrong you know you’re beautiful. It’s just not the right time. Yet look at those eyebrows. They’re all over the place this is. Where the magic wand should come in handy. But wait it doesn’t seem to work without any moisture is there anything.

We can use this hand soap might actually do the job a couple of strokes. Outward should put those eyebrows back in order an additional brown eyeliner. Define its hape awesome can’t believe it. Actually worked now.

Princess Eyes

Let’s just pretend like none of this happened by slipping back into bed. Under the duvet hands on top eyes closed like a princess. As I said all of us wake up with a puffy morning face. And it’s okay we’re still beautiful. It’s just for some of us. It takes time to get comfortable with the other person just a typical day. You go through your daily makeup routine. I’ve channels first whoops one mistake. It happens let’s try the other eye. Hmm! It just doesn’t seem right come on girl.


You can do better than that. How about the outline a simple line around the lips. I think the morning espresso is giving you the shakes right now. How about the fill this should be easier. Wow you managed to mess it up. Also this is totally not your day. Your makeup looks awful. Today is one of those difficult days, that makes you want to cry. And dive into some chocolate one spoon. After another chocolate is my best friend.

When it comes to brilliant ideas maybe just one more time. Let’s do the pirate I are by covering. It with the spoon this should prevent the brush from messing up. The eyeshadow there. We go so far so good. Let’s try it with the lips. We can also use a spoon to cover most of the lip for a precise contoured outline.

This time let’s just focus stain within the lips. And not go overboard brilliant. We’re all done. Wait what are those lipstick stains. All right let’s try again.

Remove Lipstick

I think we can use a spoon one more time. In order to remove any excess lipstick . Sometimes a girl just needs a spoonful of chocolate to get back on track. Mom is a super woman of her kids world. She makes sure they are okay. The food is on the table and in addition. Always look stunning after doing her makeup.


Anna was about to put on some foundation and blend. It with a sponge. Oh damn it. It’s dirty and it might look like it should go straight to the trash. But instead of that, we just need to add dish soap. Inside a glass of water and mix it up. That’s what we soak the sponge in it. Place it inside the microwave for no longer than 60 seconds. Tick tock on the clock the sponge should look clean and brand new.

After we rinse it let’s get back to our makeup routine. Bowie oh yes our last step add some foundation. Use our newly cleaned sponge to blend. It perfect now where should we put it we don’t want it getting dirty again.

Oh yes this toy egg has the perfect shape and built-in holes. That will prevent the sponge from getting down remove the label. And take the remaining goodies out of the case. Replace it with a sponge instead there. We go something playful and practical in our daily makeup.

Zipper Hole

Back to reality mom. Seriously not this again. There’s no way you can reach that on your own looks like the old dental floss. Hack might come in handy not only should you floss daily. You might also end up needing it for this trick. Just put the thread through the zipper hole. Put the dress on and use the outer floss end to zip. It up there you go no extra hands need .

Fitting of Top

It looks like this grandma skirt is too long a simple 10 inch. Cut using scissors should be enough to add a funky touch to it. In addition cutting the side of the remaining loop. Could be used as a top like the scarf or a fancy bando. Top with a knot on the back for a warm evening walk around the beach alright. Let’s try something different like a knot on the front instead definitely.

Something you could wear to a barbecue or a halter top with a formal looking blouse. Keep using additional belt. Also a jacket to totally wear this for some sort of meeting. And lastly hang the scarf on your neck. Cross it through your chest and make a knot behind tidy up. This look is perfect for a spontaneous house party.

Authentic Outfits

No more grandma skirts with this authentic outfit. You’re sure to turn some heads. This sweatshirt seems a bit too big and too boring for a lively evening. let’s take it off and put it on another way. I know usually people don’t do this. But bear with me let’s put the bangle bracelet to good. Use grab the sweater flaps. Pull them back through the bangle and take them.

Back to the front add a simple knot to keep them in place. And tuck it under. Let’s tidy it up add a skirt you’re rocking that look girl .I’m sure this outfit will grab attention tonight an alternative option. If you think the ring is a bit too much for the evening.


A simple tuck around the waist. By using the last button of the sweatshirt is just enough to add a serious twist. Shoulders down high heels on and we’re good to go. This is definitely one of the cooler ways to mess with your wardrobe. Hey Panda lovers I hope you enjoyed these beauty hacks.

Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below. if you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos .hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to stay tuned for more……

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