What’s inside an emergency survival bag? – $1000 Survival Emergency Case

Emergency Case

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number 1 priority and for today’s video we are going to unbox $1000 Survival Emergency Case. Can you believe this? Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this. This is an actual Pillow in a Case. It’s huge! Honestly, when I ordered it I did not accept for it to be so heavy, first of all and so wide and big This is huge! I cannot wait to see whats inside.

Right here, there is a little handle and its actually like a suitcase. There’s wheels so you can roll it. So that way, you can put a lot of weight in it and don’t even have to carry it Wow! How cool of a product, that is. Also, this thing is pretty expensive so if you want to see once and a while videos like that. Definitely give this video a thumbs up so we can do more of these kinds of videos. Really expensive items like that and also very unique. Anyways, let’s open it up and see what’s inside.

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