How do you get better at survival in Minecraft?100 Tips and Tricks In Minecraft

Tips and Tricks

Hello hello everyone. This is Xaptrosity. Today I’m bringing you guys 100 tips and tricks in Minecraft. These are just a few of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt in my experiences with Minecraft. You probably won’t know of these things but we’ll probably just have to wait and see. So, let’s get right into this. Here is a contents section if you wish to ever return again.

Zombie Proof Door

Create yourself a zombie proof door by just raising up by one block. Since zombies need the top part of the door to break it down, it will continually have to jump to actually break it down which is impossible; and we are on hard mode. By pushing glowstone into you, you can actually see underground with a pretty small and compact x-ray machine. This also works with TNT, but just be careful.

 Suicide Planning

If you planning to suicide, make sure you have a water bucket in hand. And as you fall spam space and right-click and you might actually survive. Create yourself a cool barnyard without a fence gate. By using a netherbrick fence and a regular fence.

You can walk through this tiny gap but any other mob will not. As you can see right here… come on. Come on guy. Enderpearl through glass walls by going right up to it, enderpearling down and slide through. You can also enderpearl through verticle walls of even bedrock. As much as you want, but just make sure you’re prepared because you just need to throw a bunch of enderpearls and Bam! At the top.

Sprinting and Jumping

When you sprint and jump at the same time, it’s just actually faster than just sprinting by itself. You spent in jump while underneath blocks, it’s actually faster. Than just regular sprint jumping If you sprint jump on ice it’s even faster than just sprint jumping while underneath two blocks.

If you sprint jump on ice with blocks underneath, you go pretty fast. Also if you put trapdoors on top of the ice, you can go at extremely fast speeds. If you’re in one tall lava and about to die, just place down a water bucket. By using just a water bucket to get up walls, you place down your water, swim up it; quickly reclaim and place back your water and you continue doing this for as high up as you basically need to go.

Walking On Water

You have a water bucket in your hand, and you want to get across a one wide deep of water, just keep holding you right click button and you should be able to move faster than if you were to just start walking into the water Throw your garbage away in cactus.


By making sure the lava is actually higher than the water, you can actually make lave and water actually be side by side. Don’t worry, this annoying sound only happens when you placing down the water and lava. If you have a fire-resistance potion, a pillar of lava can be used as a quick-drop. So you jump in… but just be careful on the way down because it doesn’t protect you fully. You can create a nether portal with only a flint and steel, a water bucket and lava bucket, like so… There you go. Break that block and we can light it. When ice melts, it turns into water but doesn’t flow everywhere.

Diamond Boots

The best level for enchanting diamond boots for feather falling would be level twenty-six. The best level for getting a silk touch one enchanted book would be anywhere from level fifteen to twenty. If you’re going on a ride in a boat, push the boat out a little bit before hopping in. This gives it a little speed boost and also realigns the boat just in case if you’re going the wrong way.


If you’re mining obsidian, make sure you have a water bucket with a water source nearby; so as soon as you break the obsidian… more obsidian can be crated around you and you can even get yourself you obsidian pretty easily. These are one way doors. As you can see, we can walk right through it. But with a glitch in the game, you can’t actually walk through this part here. This goes with repeaters, and trapdoors… and possibly a few other things that I haven’t mentioned. But as you can see, you can walk right through them on one side only.

To get the most of your glowstone, use a silk touch tool to break it down. In dispsensers or droppers or whatever, you can middle click using the scroller key and you can actually get a whole stack from it. This makes replenishing dispensers or whatever pretty easy. But this only works in creative mode. If you’re building up out in the sky here are some cool building tricks: with a torch you can actually place on the little sides of the torch… So you can come along here and start building a staircase without having to have an extra block.

Use a Vine

So let’s try this again… There we are and… Voila! Now to build downwards, you can use a vine and if you click on this vine it’ll actually replace that block if you let it grow down. That’s a little slow sometimes so a good idea is to use a water bucket, hop down the water then stop placing down and then just swimming back up and then finally recollecting your water and from there you can start placing down your blocks. In my opinion the best level for mining diamonds is at level twelve, eleven and level ten. Fill up a large area with water by placing it in the diagonals like so…

You can also recollect you water as you go. And what do you know all filled with water. Sand and gravel can be broken by saplings, rails, flowers, mushrooms, torches, redstone torches, levers, pressure plates, buttons and fence gates. And even string right there… trapdoors, slabs, signs, repeaters, and tripwire hooks. By placing beacons strategically like this, you can actually use less mineral blocks and yet get a lot of the primary power effects. This may look like I’m pretty rich, but actually on the inside it’s made up of an iron core, yet it will still work! And you’ll be up to get all the powers…

Mushroom Soup

There we have it! Get yourself some infinite snow! With a snow golem just ontop of a block. You can actually craft yourself some mushroom soup in the two by two crafting inventory in your inventory screen. A lot of mushroom stew there! You can get the maximum effect out of your potions by throwing it straight at your body.

For instance, if we have a dispenser with a splash potion of regeneration for thirty three seconds and throw it against us, we can see we got it for thirty-three seconds. Now if we throw it at our body, looks like we only got it for twenty-eight seconds on the ground. If we throw it straight up, and onto ourselves, we get it for thirty three seconds.

Choping down the Humongous Trees

Chop down these humongous trees by just placing ladder, climbing up it, standing on top of it, breaking the block above and then the another one, staying ontop of the wood and then just harvest the rest of the tree. Then on your way down you can harvest the rest of the tree and you should be able to get your ladder back.

Where is it? There it is. If you dealing with things such as silverfish, use flint and steel to kill them so they won’t produce more, or you can even use cactus as well. If you’re going up against a wither, I suggest fighting him in a small space like a cave so you can land a few more hits on him, as I’ll show you… Let’s see, just wait for it. Here are some cool inventory tips if your open your inventory, you can actually shift click armor on and shift click it off.

Create a Pool of Water

Using the numbers on your– your hotkey numbers on your keyboard you can actually choose where you want things to go. This also works with items and it can be swapped around. You can create a pool of water that can be infinitely used by just placing two water sources in the two corners, forming a pool and then just taking water from any of the corners. The same thing can be done if you put two water sources in a three wide stream like this… and you only take water from the middle, not the side.

The best lawnmower out there would be a water bucket. You can use it in abandoned mineshafts to wash away cobwebs too. In my opinion the best way to make a huge tree is by having blocks surrounding it like this… bonemeal, and Voila! Pretty stumpy tree, but you get the idea. Steak and cooked porkchops are the best food source in the game. But baked potatoes are pretty good and they’re pretty easy to get. Hop across oceans with this lilypad technique. You can do the same thing with regular blocks in a one high water area.

Pigs on Fire

Collect yourself some juicy cooked bacon by lighting pigs on fire. This also works with a lava bucket if you can use it correctly. Uh oh, my inventory is full of sheep! But I want to craft a stack of fence gates. A quick way to do this is by pushing your left button at the same time as your right button. You go left, right, left, right at the same time and you can craft somethings really quickly than just normally left clicking. When you adventuring caves down below, you can actually use torches right here to block off water sources. You can get to the top of the nether by using enderpearls like so…

Just stand by the bedrock, enderpearl up and Bam! Ouch! Zombie pigmen proof, no ghasts – it’s just plain bedrock up here. While in water the following things give off an air pocket: fences, netherbrick fences, iron bars, glass panes, fence gates, trap doors, ladders, slabs, doors, cobblestone walls, the little bit on any type of stair and signs. You can kill endermen pretty easily by hitting them in the feet.

Hit Endermen

Since they won’t teleport as often when you hit their feet, it makes them pretty simple to kill. Hit endermen while under a two high gap, this allows them to not be able to hit you, and you’re also able to hit their feet so they’re less likely to teleport away. Let’s do a little experiment. So if I spam my sword at this zombie, you can see the gold sowrd runs away pretty quickly.

If I hit the zombie and wait and hit it multiple times like this, you can see the difference between the two swords and the durability is significantly different.


You actually don’t need a clock or a compass. Just open your crafting table, place down the ingots to craft one.And you can see the time right there. This also works with your iron ingots to create your compass and you can see which way is spawn. In mushroom biomes, they have pretty special properties. So if I turn it to night, as you can see it’s night, And nothing is spawning in. This is pretty weird as we are on hard mode. And if you look over at the island there should be some stuff – yes, there’s some stuff spawning in.

But, nothing in the mushroom biome, and this is the exact same as the caves underground. Here is my squid farm. Don’t use fencegates to get in; you can use a ladder to get through, even vines… and if we go around the back here, I also have a trap door.

Hey! Where’d they all go? As you can see soul sand with ice undernath will make it super slow. So this creeper, he’s going to suffer quite a fatal death. It takes some practice, but you can actually hit a fireball back at a ghast. See, if you aim at its tentacles. While climbing up a ladder, you can push ‘sneak’ to hold onto it, but you can also move up it at the same time. This means players won’t be able to detect you wile you’re climbing up a ladder.

Critical hits

Critical hits deal a random amount of (extra) damage but only occur while falling. If you falling from a high height you can use a qucikdrop such as water with a sign on top. When growing birch trees, place them two blocks away from each other so they can grow.

This is the same when it comes to spruce trees… and jungle trees. With oak saplings however you can place them all in a row and you can grow them side by side. A special thing about jungle trees is that if you place four in a square like so, bonemeal it, you get a humongous tree that even includes vines that you can try and climb up. If ice has no solid block underneath it, it will do nothing.

When you break it if ice has a solid block underneath it and you break it, it will turn into water. You can use ice to help you search for diamonds in underground lava pools. If you’re fast, you can use ladders as a safe fall too. You can use you’re shears on tall grass ferns and the dead bushes over there Here’s a nether quick-drop for you, using the little corners in glass panes, you can create this… So you can’t get out and the ladders break our fall.

Pumpkin on your Head

This also works with iron bars too. If you’ve got a pumpkin on your head, as you can see, you can stare at endermen all you want and they won’t get annoyed or anything and won’t start coming after you. That’s annoying, just go into F5 mode and attack them all you want.

Build up that epic dirt mansion of yours by using this building technique by just placing two blocks on the ground like this. Build up your walls! Another neat building trick you can use to build up that dirt mansion is by being three blocks up and just right-clicking that side. If you’re skilled enough you can do this quite easily. While in water, a creeper won’t do any environmental damage. This is the same with TNT.


Do you need something that’s all the way over there? Well don’t worry! Throw an enderpearl up, throw an enderpearl over… grab your stuff… and then you’re back and you can do whatever you wish. You can place signs, on even more signs and on more signs and signs even more signs. Also you can use vines as you’re very own safe fall. You can use torches or redstone torchers to replenish your breath underwater, so you can last a little longer.

Ugh! This annoying sound of rain is hurting my ears! But this can be fixed pretty easily by going to your video settings, turning ‘particles’ to ‘minimal’ and Voila! It’s silent! Here are a few cool chest tips. In a chest you can shift click things out…

Most people know that. You can use the numbers on your hotkeys to designate where you want things to go. And if you take things out, you can use– Hold control and push your drop key, this should drop a whole stack. Restore your wolf’s health, as you can see, his tail’s a little low by using rotten flash.

Updating Grass Floor

Let’s see, we feed it. Look, it went up! And you can even breed them with rotten flesh. If you have a room with a little flickering light and an updating grass floor, you can produce an infinite amount of seeds flowers and whatever with bonemeal. Here’s a nether quick drop. So we fall down here, and we have vines to break our fall.

Some mobs such as the Blaze, can be hurt by snowballs. As you can see, it might take it a little while to get him though. Let’s see. Couple more… should be dead about now. Maybe just a few more. There we are! Simple as that. While in a sign interface, you can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to actually move up and down the lines.

Dirt Tower

A good way to get down your dirt tower, is by using an enderpearl and enderpearling into your dirt tower as you fall. Even if it’s a thunder storm, and it’s day, you can still sleep in a bed, and make it morning.

You can use items such as signs to block off the flow of lava and the flow of water. Here’s a neat little creative trick. Place a block and if you left-click and right click at the same time, and time it correctly you can actually place a block and break the one below. This is useful for creating large towers, but you don’t actually want to create a tower.

Spider-eye Snack

You can do it sideways and down. When you’re getting hungry, have a spider-eye snack! Just be careful of it’s poisoning effect. If you accidentally poison yourself, you can use milk cure yourself. This works with the any other potion effect, but be careful this also works with positive potion effects too. You can kill a ghast pretty easily by shooting its tentacles. Also this cave here around bedrock has no void fog.

This is because we’ve got these sunlight pockets, as you can see right here, and this prevents the void fog from appearing. If we spawn in a creeper; if they blow up on a slab, it will only break the slab and you can simply replace that quite easily.

Pick Block

In creative mode, you can use the ‘pick block’, which is your scroll mouse, if you click that you can actually pick up the block – – any block – it’ll work. If you already have it in your inventory, it’ll switch to it. This also works with animals too. Here are some creative mode deleting tips. If you hold an item and then open up your inventory it will be gone.

You can also shift click things and they will disappear. Also place then back into your inventory and they’ll disappear too. If you’ve got lots of things in your inventory, like this – your survival inventory, You can shift click the destroy item to destroy everything. Oh no! There’s a two high gap here and how must I get over it? Well, if it’s night time, place down a bed, hop into the bed, then leave it. And we should be up top, If you’re in need for fish, then fish in the rain.

Fishing in the Rain

You’re more likely to catch a fish, if you’re fishing in the rain. You can fix these really annoying water glitches by placing a — solid block right underneath the problem. As you can see, everything’s now fixed and you can then take out your dirt blocks.

Go pig and creeper fishing! By using a piston and a pressure plate, like this. Push the block in front of it, activate it and so and so on. This will allow you to build a bridge all the way over. To recollect that dragon egg, just tap it, it’ll teleport, then just dig a few blocks underneath. As you can see. Alright, so we place a torch right underneath and break that block and it’ll fall like and or gravel and Bam!


They you have it! Don’t sleep in the nether. And finally, tip one-hundred is to follow these tips, because they’re cool. Yeah, pretty suck tip, but whatever. Okay and thank you guys for watching, hope you guys found out something new. If you have anymore tips you wish to share feel free to submit them in the comments below and I could even make a sequel.

So thank you guys for the support and five hundred subscribers it’s pretty cool. uh… that’s all for today though. Thank you guys for watching, take care and I’ll see you all later. .

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