What are 10 items in a emergency kit? – Ten Survival Gadgets put to the Test – part 2

Ten survival gadgets

What’s up everybody welcome back to my laboratory. Where safety is number one priority. Today we’re going to put to the test Survival gadgets. Let’s see what I got today. By the way. I got new camera. Hopefully you enjoy this because last two of the cameras. I broke one fell in the river Second one fell in crushed. So I need a new tripod actually I need any new camera.

Anyways, the other ones pretty old and banged up. Hey Don’t bite me. for the first gadget. I got here survival poncho. Let’s open it up. I love the way It’s actually packaged and this feels a little thin. But as you can see it’s made from a thermal blanket. So I bet it’s going to be very VERY WARM Beside blocking new form the rain.

rainy cold weather

It’s actually very very warm. Looks like Luke and Hugo wants to get in and there too Awesome. So first of all in the rainy cold weather. It will keep you dry It’s also made from a thermal blanket. It will keep you really warm as well right now. It’s like 65 degrees I’m actually getting too hot in this thing. So it’s probably best for the colder days. I’m 6 ft 7 look how long that is. If I need to be spotted that orange color will help. Also easy to take it off and definitely reusable Luke and Hugo today all over me. Didn’t do the greatest job to folding it back together. So it probably won’t fit back in the pocket. You know what , definitely a huge thumbs up for these survival gadgets.

Waterproof tube tent

For the next gadget. I got here aluminum-coated Waterproof tube tent. it’s supposed to be very lightweight easy to set it up and it’s also waterproof. Oh nice It comes with the rope and stakes * Fast Fowarding Taras Building Tent * Anyways guys the idea is supposed to put to the rope and it’s supposed to hold it to the top. You tied up to The tree to the other tree. But honestly, it’s just a mess to set it up I’m having trouble with that Plus look how easy it is to poke a hole through.

survival sleeping bag

Honestly, I thought it would be a lot easier to set it up for the next gadget I got your survival sleeping bag very small. Let’s see what it’s all about. Once again, it’s made from the same material as those Survival German blankets. But this one made into the sleeping bag. This material it’s very durable and also it reflects 90% of a body heat. So what I would do I Don’t think it’s opens nope. I do put my legs in there first Now put this legs in and next. I can lay down This is awesome hey stop it they cannot see you move. Hugo stop it, Luke What are you guys doing? WTF OMG AAAAHHHH!!! DONT STEP ON ME!

survival blanket

They like this game Anyway, this is awesome. Actually Instead of having that survival blanket you got yourself a whole sleeping bag. And it’s very very light weight those other sleeping bags of course a lot better. But they a lot thicker and a lot bigger. So this is a definitely cool survival bag out back very lightly and also if you have to sleep like this. It’s definitely hot in there for the next survival gadget. I got here survival axe turn the handle open it at the end right here. if we open it we Got out here at this 15 inches saw and looks like a nice axe Hammer on this side. What I really want to put to the test is this little fire striker BOOM.

Axe and a Hammer

First of all lets start to go through this wood. Wow its chopping really well Beautiful. And if you need to chop smaller pieces look at that Easy. Definitely a really good axe and a hammer edge here now what about this saw Very small. So that’s for sure Yeah. I’d Rather use axe to go through that it’s gonna take forever to cut through this log Plus getting stuck. Once I get deep enough you see it’s kinda getting stuck You know what guys better alternative instead of this saw. I wish they had a really good knife in here. That would have been so much better now.

can opener and a spoon

Let’s see how good this striker is with the axe It’s not the easiest way to do it, but we got it going Yeah, once again. I wish it was a knife instead of a saw, so would have been a lot more useful But overall I love this piece. That’s a great idea never seen an axe with the fire starter Flint build them together From the next Survival Gadget I got here can I need to open it well right here can opener and a spoon at the same time oh, it came two of them in one package awesome.

What you’re going to do is put it in like that and Then pierce it through There you go and then just continue going like that Very sharp and very easy way to open cans any kind of cans This can opener is actually included in some military in M.R.E’s Now I can use the spoon and eat it with the spoon like this. This is great So that way, I don’t have to even worry about the spoon Look it works For the next gadget.

survival kit

I got your survival kit. Let’s see what’s all about This slides in and slides out looks like it’s a knife whoa pretty nice knife. whistle right here Pretty loud pretty small LED flashlight fire starter big spark Little Compass right here reflective signal mirror, I think there is instructions how to use it and Boom another survival kit inside of it at here nice. whole bunch of stuff * wud u expect * But what I’m most interested about is this let’s see if we can start a fire with this thing We want to fluff it up and let’s strike it And it sets on fire very very easily.


I love this tender and of course you add on smaller pieces of sticks And you’re gonna get your fire going And you have four of these pieces to start the fire with and if you don’t like any of this Pieces you can actually take it out and put other pieces for your survival kit very well Thought of love this survival kit look how well it fits in here and also if you need to use a flashlight You don’t even have to take it out.

waterproof bullets

You can just press it turn it off for the next gadget I got here water because I have couple waterproof bullets. Let’s see what they all about oh, no This one looks like it’s not waterproof I saw a lot of bubbles come out from there look how much water came out of it But I really loved the idea How easy it is to stick in cash or credit cards? It just not waterproof which is really really sad I love the design of it look once again You see from the back right here That’s disappointing So maybe this one not so much waterproof, but water resistant, but this one will start again Definitely waterproof and BOOM.

fire starter kit

ANOTHER ONE everything dried this one Not as much a survival gadget, but more like camping And I love this thing couple more gadgets lets take this one out this one is a little container nice It comes through the allen wrench and their Flint a placement Flint and comes with one two three four five six seven eight nine Five starters what I want to double check if it’s waterproof or not same as the other one fluffs up. I love this fire starters nice Easy one or two strikes it lights up this is old-school fire starter kit beautiful look its floats And see any bubbles coming out So pass thumbs up for me for this.

fire starter necklace

They are survival gadgets, but the next survival gadget I got your fire starter necklace a little power cord and striker steal and right here a striker Whoa this is actually clips on a really really well I’ll tell you why do you want to have this clip let’s say you climb in or something? And this get stuck on your neck and if it wasn’t clip on here It would probably Like pull on your neck really hard and probably injure your neck so this way if something gets stuck on your necklace it pulls it Its opens and your neck does not get hurt as much You see it’s not as comfortable.

Let me fluff it up more There you go I Love how it looks like as a necklace and it said everyday carry But this is definitely not the most comfortable thing to use and for the last gadget This is so survival waterproof match case let’s see what it’s all about It comes with a reusable fire strikers and a rubbery note here.

Long matches

I got here long matches Well, this one’s a huge. This is probably too. Tall of a matches will it close. Nope this much is a bit, too Tall gotta use different ones. There you go strike anywhere matches probably will be even better Yeah, it definitely fits quite a few matches over here, maybe a good dozen Maybe a little bit more another waterproof test It feels like metal so I thought it would seem definitely made for metal, but means it’s durable.

But at the same time it’s light enough to where it’s floats Amazing and what I love about this match case when we open it The striker on the inside, that’s why it does not get wet let’s take off one match and try to strike it Boom ANOTHER ONE No problem alright guys quick announcement as you know I have a farm I have lots of animals out here And me and Karen have decided why not open up a new Instagram page called cool farms also I just got a new pet.

You’ll never guess what kind. I’ll put a link in the description go find out What kind of pet I got and don’t forget to thumbs up the picture Also, we will be posting every day animal picture from our farm. It’s gonna be pretty cool You should go and follow us. Also, let me know in comments below, which gadget was your favorite Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time .

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